Smoking Cessation


“Hypnosis snuffs out the smoker’s fire and desire.” -Newsweek

You get the benefit of our experience! When we began our clinic nearly 40 years ago, we established our reputation with smoking cessation. Since then thousands of smokers and other nicotine users like you have been enabled to quit the habit. We use a very unique method of hypnosis for nicotine cessation which is only used in one other office in the world. Not only have we successfully helped thousands of Central New Yorkers to stop smoking in just one session, but we have also attracted clients from throughout the Northeast, and even farther.

Smoking Cessation helps smokers kick their nicotine addiction

Here,s What Past Clients Have Said:

In 1989, I quit a 5-pack-a-day cigarette habit in one session at Alternative Hypnosis, and I haven’ smoked since. Joe Sulliva Retired Procurement, Syracuse

I quit a two-to-three-pack-a day habitat Alternative Hypnosis back in 1987.I have no desire to smoke anymore.” Earl Lowe Salesman, Syracuse

FREE Hypnosis Screening You get a free (required) hypnosis screening to determine whether hypnosis is right for you and whether Alternative Hypnosis can accept you. If accepted for our Nicotine Cessation Program, you will be offered a choice of plans to meet your specific needs.
Smoking Cessation helps smokers kick their nicotine addiction, providing tools, information and support for people quitting smoking

Not Just Hypnosis, but a Comprehensive Program


What you will get at Alternative Hypnosis is quite different. You don’t just get a quick hypnosis treatment, a handshake, and advice to return and pay again if the service isn’t effective. What distinguishes your program here is its comprehensive nature and its service guarantee. You get a guarantee of free follow-up rehypnosis visits, hypnosis CDs,, and our copyrighted aftercare plan, called The Multipronged Approach, The Multipronged Approach is a brochure recommending daily activities which you can do in the period after your hypnosis, each of which will help to insure your long-term success. These activities include drinking water, getting extra movement, using the aromatherapy & nutraceutical formulations, and listening to CDs designed to support your quitting for good.


Here’s our first recommendation in the Multipronged Approach TM: Plan to take a minimum of four days away from home and work right after smoking cessation visit on your quit date. Have your car packed when you come to see us. If you’re taking a trip, coordinate your travel reservations with us, so that you can leave within a few hours after the end of your smoking cessation appointment.

Free Guarantee of Follow-up Visits To demonstrate our confidence in our service and our commitment to help you quit this vicious and deadly habit, we offer free guarantees of follow-up visits in each of our nicotine cessation programs. Of all of the many smoking cessation programs available in Central New York, none that we know of will back up its work in this way. We offer a promise of free rehypnosis visits for up to two years, depending on the level of service you select. That means that you may return every week for free rehypnosis, if you need it. The rehypnosis is currently being done in a small group format.

About the Nicotine Patch and Prescription Drugs The patch and the drug approaches were not designed to be stand-alone therapies, but only as adjuncts to treatment. Because we give you nutritional and aromatherapy formulations designed to decrease cravings, we recommend that you do not start with the patches and only acquire them later if you believe you want extra support. The drugs which are currently approved for nicotine cessation have approximately 80% FAILURE RATES as sole treatments. However, if you and your healthcare provider want to use a prescription drug as extra insurance in your multipronged approach at Alternative Hypnosis, we support that decision. The prescription drugs require that you take them for a certain number of days before quitting, depending on the drug. Before beginning your prescription, make sure you have made your appointment with us for the correct quit date, as recommended by your prescribing healthcare provider.

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The Weight Question

 Many smokers fear that they will put on pounds if they quit. You might be surprised to find that the national average gain after quitting (through all methods) is only five to eight pounds. However, our approach specifically addresses the weight problem. Therefore, as a practical matter, most of our clients do not take on extra pounds. Please understand, though, that we say this to you as a prediction, based on our past experience, and not as a promise. That is, a few of our clients have gained weight after quitting. However, most of them have been able to lose it later. You might also be interested to know that you would have to be approximately 100 pounds overweight to be subject to the same health risks as smoking one pack of cigarettes per day. Read more

VERY IMPORTANT ADVICE (Who Should Come Here): You should only COME TO ALTERNATIVE HYPNOSIS FOR SMOKING CESSATION if you are serious about quitting and if you want a high-quality and comprehensive approach. Plan to take a minimum of four days away from home and work right after smoking cessation visit on your quit date. Have your car packed when you come to see us. If you’re taking a trip, coordinate your travel reservations with us, so that you can leave within a few hours after the end of your smoking cessation appointment.
A Choice of Programs The nicotine cessation approach that you receive will be determined by the level of program you have selected. Since your life is at stake and since a pack-a-day habit at $7.00 a pack costs $25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand dollars) every ten years, we recommend that you select our finest plan, the Platinum Plus. Your Nicotine Cessation Session If accepted, you will get an exclusive, individualized and noninvasive type of hypnotism which has been used successfully on thousands of our clients. In most cases, we see you for one session, which is your quit date. But we give you our famous free guarantee of follow-up visits, so that you may return as much as you wish during the guarantee period.
What You Get in the Nicotine Program • Expert hypnosis delivered in a safe, clinical atmosphere and in a professional manner • Information on smoking and on hypnotism. • Our exclusive aftercare treatment plan, called the Multipronged Approach TM. • A guarantee of follow-up visits for 6 to 24 months. • A supply of nutritional supplements designed to decrease cravings. • An aromatherapy formulation which cuts down cravings. • At least one hypnosis home auto program CD which will put you into hypnosis and help you reduce your stress.

Smoking during pregnancy

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